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Putting My Experience
to Work to Serve Muskegon County!

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Thurgood Marshall once said, " Mere access to the courthouse doors does not by itself assure a proper functioning of the adversary process." I believe that it is the role of a judge to ensure that the principles of fairness and justice are coupled with access and applied to every litigant, in every case. I am confident that my extensive courtroom experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, in conjunction with my lived experience, community service and commitment to equity have prepared me to serve as your next 14th Circuit Court Judge.

During my more than 11 years as an attorney, I have built a career full of diverse experiences that uniquely qualify me to dispense justice to a diverse populace. I worked as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Wayne County and as a Senior Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Muskegon County. I have litigated well over 1000 cases including at least 50 jury trials on topics including, but not limited to, homicides, criminal sexual conduct, armed robbery, elder abuse, child abuse, financial crimes. and domestic violence.

While working as a prosecutor, I also had the privilege of leading Muskegon County’s Social Justice Diversion program. The Social Justice Diversion program uses restorative justice practices to allow low level offenders the opportunity to avoid criminal prosecution by obtaining their education and/or performing community service. I am passionate about seeking ways to empower community to grow as a result of the interaction that they have with the criminal justice system.

As your next Circuit Court Judge, I will work to ensure that every litigant that appears before me, will leave knowing that they were treated fairly and that they will also have additional tools to improve their lives. In addition to my experience as a prosecutor, I have also diversified my area of practice by handling criminal cases as a defense attorney, family law and labor law matters as well as other civil cases.


My work extends beyond the courtroom. As the inaugural Director of Oversight and Public Accountability for the City of Grand Rapids, I work to reform public safety systems to ensure that equity is embedded in every policy and every process. This essential work requires a systemic approach to increasing transparency, accountability, and fairness in all matters of public safety. To that end, I led the implementation of Cure Violence, a health-based approach to violence reduction, In partnership with the West Michigan Urban League and members of the community.

As a Muskegon County resident, I am also very involved in community service efforts throughout the Greater Muskegon area. I chose to serve with organizations that help reduce or eliminate the social determinants that lead to increased crime and poverty. To that end, I currently serve as the Chairperson of Read Muskegon (Muskegon' s Literacy Hub), and a board member for Muskegon Young Black Professionals, and Muskegon Civic Theater.  I also serve on the Pastoral Staff for Church of the Living God Muskegon.  Additionally, I am a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.  in addition to my work in those spaces, I also leverage my legal skills to host and/or assist with Clean Slate Expungement efforts across West Michigan.

I desire to be your next 14th Circuit Court Judge because I truly believe that I can make an impact on the lives of those that appear before me. If elected, I will work diligently to always serve the citizens of Muskegon County with integrity, excellence, and compassion. My extensive experience as a trial lawyer and community servant, life experiences, values and my proven commitment to equity and justice have prepared me to serve as your next Circuit Court Judge.  It would be my honor to have your support!

"Mere access to the courthouse doors does not by itself assure a proper functioning of the adversary process."
-Justice Thurgood Marshall 

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